Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March 10 - League Relay Line-Ups

Varsity League Relay Line-Ups

Above are the final line-ups for the League Relays.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, relays are not simply the top four, especially this early in the season.  The coaching staff is still trying to figure out who does what best, whiteout overdoing anyone the first week of competition.

If you do not find your name on this its, then the Friday sub-varstiy meet at Doug Co. HS is where you will be showcasing your skills, in an attempt to run/jump/throw your way into the Saturday meets.

More details will be forthcoming about this, but since we do not have a bus, we will expect each athlete to be at Sports Authority Stadium at least two hours before their first scheduled track event.  (Or 7:45 am for all field events.)

Let's continue working hard this week, to prepare for our first "real" meets of the season!


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