Monday, March 5, 2012

Uniform Discussion

I received a few phone calls about the uniforms that were handed out tonight.

I want to take the time to clear up any misconceptions.  There's a couple reasons the uniforms were distributed the way they were:

After spending two days in the cage over winter break doing inventory, it was discovered that we had many more speed suits than we did two piece uniforms.  Whether this was due to kids not returning the uniforms in May, uniforms wearing out, or uniforms getting up and walking away in the night, there were almost three times as many speed suits as two piece uniforms.  With five events being "sprint-based" (400m, 300H, 200m 110H, 100m) as well as three additional relays in those events where the uniforms have to match, it makes sense to give out the speed suits to the sprinters.

After conferring with the coaching staff, we agreed that sprinters should wear sprinting uniforms, and distance kids should wear distance uniforms.  It made sense to me, we have these high quality great uniforms, we should wear them with pride!

With the number of women we have, there was no need to make a distinction between varsity and sub-varsity, field events and track events.  All women received the same uniform, the sharp looking white top with red shorts.

I want to strongly recommend purchasing a pair of compression shorts (black for men, white for women) to wear under your uniform, no matter which one you receive.  For obvious reasons, we do not hand those out "used" for kids to wear during the season, but we want athletes to buy them on their own.  They make the uniforms much more comfortable in all areas, as well as add some heat and compression properties to the muscles.

Now, in order to make some people smile, even if they have a uniform they might not be 100% happy with, here are some classic pictures I received when an old friend sent me some old high school memorabilia today. With the distance boys growing their hair out in solidarity, I thought a history lesson on bad hair might be appropriate.  Enjoy!

Kate B. and I, posing for our 8th grade formal.
That really was the style of hair in 1991.

Kieran C. and I swimming in a NH lake in the summer of 1994.
 I think there was more grease than water in my hair at that point.

Same summer, featuring Marissa C, Jake O, Sam L. and myself.
Working on the mullet, as well as our singing talents!

Norway, 1998, waiting for a train in front of roasting elk.
Again, mostly grease, but how could I hear anything?


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