Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Break Practice Schedule

Spring break, spring break, spring break!  For track kids, that means, practice, practice practice!

Today, Thursday, is our sub-varsity meet. All athletes will be there right after school to either compete or help out with the meet.

Tomorrow, Friday, we will have practice at ten o'clock.  (Hunger Games is coming out tonight, so we will delay practice a little bit.  But, I want to go early to try and avoid the wind.)  Intervals, maybe on the track, or maybe across the street on the grass. Not sure yet.

Saturday, varsity meet at Sports Authority Stadium.  All athletes should be there well before their event starts, but I would love to see everyone there bright and early to support your teammates.

Sunday is a "day off", but you really need to go out for a run on your own.  Sitting around all day Sunday will result in poor training on Monday, as we saw a few days ago.

Spring Break practices are not mandatory.  The are voluntary, but they are beneficial.  All of them will start at 10:00 in the morning, do not be late.

Monday-Meet at Sierra with trainers or XC shoes for 3 minute eggs.
Tuesday-No organized practice, but you need to go for a 50-70 min run on your own, with 10 50 meter accelerations afterwards.
Wednesday-Meet at CHAP Track with fast shoes for some Kenyan intervals
Thursday-No organized practice, but you need to go for a 20 min run on your own.
Friday-Meet at CHAP track, I want to practice hand-offs as well as slingshots.
Saturday-No meet this week, you need to go for a looooooonnnnnggg overdistance run, at least 70-90 minutes on your own.  Try and meet up with a teammate, that will make the run a lot more enjoyable.
Sunday-Easy recovery run, so we can practice well on Monday.

We need to work hard over spring break, because a hard week of training over Spring Break, coupled with a hard week of training this week, as well as an easier week of training after Spring Break, will result in tremendous growth and speed increases. Just in time for the real meat of the track season.

And of course, keep your phones handy.  You might get a text with alternate plans, as Thing2 could make an apperance at anytime! :)


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