Thursday, November 1, 2012

End of Week Plans

Devil's Thumb Ranch
I heard from the senior captains that there were about twenty people at practice today and everyone ran great.  That is awesome.  We are starting in on these 200's earlier than usual, but i really think it will be good for us ove the long haul.

On-Your-Own EZ aerobic run.  No official practice. No captains practice  (Although I'm sure there will be an unofficial group of kids going for a run after school.)  Get an easy 30-45 minutes in on your own, just to some miles under your belt and keep the legs loose.

Also, Coach Able will be running the weight room at 4:45 on Friday, everyone is more than welcome to join her!

Captain's will be at the track at 9:00.  The workout is flying 30's.  Same warm-up as today, but then move into the short sprints.  I want a running start, about 15 meters, into 30 meters as quick and fast as you can go.  Take full rest, then do another one. Do ten total.  Make sure you are running fast, but stay relaxed. Don't tense up. Keep the arms driving and the hips up.  This is a different kind of workout for us, it works on our top-end speed.  After ten sets, do a cool down lap, then lunges and go home.

I would love to be there, but I have been invited to help design snow fencing and other various nordic trail improvements up at Devil's Thumb Ranch on Saturday.  I am honored that hey asked me to offer my assistance, and even more psyched they are hooking me up with a season's pass for it!

Day off. Relax. You earned it.

See you Monday,

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