Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Repeats

Today, with perfect weather conditions, the team did 3 x  five minute repeats at a pretty fast clip.  The pace today was only about 6-8 seconds per lap slower than their mile time trial pace, so I would grade this an an extremely taxing workout.  The rest/recovery period was about the same as the running interval, maybe a little less.  What was so great about today was that almost everyone in attendance today did 3 five minute repats!  Pretty impressive.  I told the athletes I would have been happy with two, but three would be far exceeding my expectations.  Some people who popped out to me were were Ryan K, Ciera D,, and Molly C,.  That does not diminish the achievements of all the other athletes however, it just speaks to my nearsightedness.

Like I said, I thought everyone ran really, really well.  Plus, we had about eight kids knock out awesome mile time trials in their first real speedwork of the winter season.  I was pleasantly surprised at the "commitment to excellence" that was exhibited today.  And your reward????

6 am practice on Friday, 450 m repeats.  Take advantage of your sleep-in day tomorrow. :)  See you Wednesday for hills.


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