Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving Week Training

There are multiple mini-updates for this week of training coming, but here is big picture idea to take home.  With only two days of school, I will only hold an official practice once (Monday).  It is up to you, the individual, to take care of the rest of your training   The workouts are not complicated, but you must have the self-discipline to carry them out yourself.  I have learned trying to hold practice over Thanksgiving week is next to impossible, so the workouts will be prescribed to you and for your own benefit, you must run them on your own.  If at all possible, try to set workout times up with a friend, having that training partner makes the workouts so much better!

Check the right sidebar to get a general idea of what is going on, and check back via this blog often throughout he week to get more specific instructions.

See you all tomorrow at the track for tempo kilos!


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