Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Green Mountain Time Trial

I have been eager to start up a traditional uphill time trial for our program, but one thing or another has always gotten in the way.  I am trying again, though, and I think this time it will stick.  The hill I have chosen is closer to Parker, it is not a super long trail, and this hill will be able to be revisited over spring break, so see how our fitness has progressed.

Green Mountain, Morrison CO
This big workout falls on Saturday.  I want to do the uphill time trial on Green Mountain.  The DU ski team does this workout, I am unclear as to which trail they ascend Green Mtn. on, but I want to see how our athletes fare on this.  (Probably not as good as elite collegiate athletes, but who knows!)

The plan for this workout is as follows.

Meet at Wildlife Experience at 7:00 on Saturday morning. It is not a mandatory workout, but this is an important workout, and I hope you can be there on time.  Please bring plenty of water, extra clothes and snacks.  There are no facilities at Green Mtn. and this will be a long morning.

We'll drive C-470 over to the Green Mountain Rec. Center. This is about 30 miles or so, and we will turn off at the Alameda Pkwy Exit.  The Rec. Center is a couple of miles east of C-470.  We will need to carpool over and back, so the more athletes that can drive, the easier this will be.  Parents are more than welcome to come, as we might need the drivers.  Also, the more support we have for this difficult workout, the better the athletes will perform.

Hayden Trail in Summer
Once we arrive at the Hayden Trailhead, I will head up the hill with as many sweatshirts and jackets as possible after Coach Harris and I sync our watches.  After ten minutes, the first athlete will head up the trail,  Every 15 seconds after that, another athlete will go, until everyone has left the start.  When the athletes reach the top three kilometers later, I will be there waiting to write down their time.  This is true racing, by yourself, learning how to push your body to the max without going overboard.  There will be people in the distance to chase, and people out-of-sight chasing you, so the mental aspect of this cannot be overstated.   Racing a time trial makes you a better racer.  The "race against the clock" really tells me a lot about your physical and mental make-up.

At the top, hopefully it will be nice weather and beautiful views.  You will grab a warm jacket from me, then back down to Coach Harris, knowing you put in an excellent day's work.  Once everyone is back down the hill, we can all head just up the street for Starbucks and snacks, before heading back to the Wildlife Experience.

How long will we be?  I really don't know.  If we leave at seven, I am guessing we will be back by 11:00???  But I am not sure.  I guess that is what cell phones are for these days, huh? :)

I am really looking forward to this, I think it is going to be an epic day.  We have an easy week this week, so make sure you are rested up and ready to go for the inaugural CHAP Green Mtn. Time Trial!


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