Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Morning Practices

Getting ready for practice at 5:59 am

This morning, we had a 6 am practice at the track.  It was pitch black, it was cold, and it was early.  The sun hadn't even started to rise yet, and even the cube was dank and damp.  But, practice was being held, and I applaud the following athletes for getting out of bed and coming to practice.  Huge shout-out to Goose, Kaleb, Bacon, Ice, Devin, Evan, Rummler, Durks, Dennis, Swiggy, Whit, ED, Hirsch, Jill and Hanna.  They made it out there, and just dominated 3 x 500m all out.  Bacon was leading the guys through in 59/75, and Hanna was leading the girls through in 70/89.  The first interval was tough, the athletes didn't get out fast enough, but once they learned the pace, they really did extraordinary on the last two.

If I have anything to be disappointed or unhappy about, it was the fact that we have 45 kids on the distance side and we had 33% of that show up for practice.   Where were all the freshman?  What about the juniors?  I know a couple of kids were excused, but still, 30 kids absent?  That's unacceptable.  If you really want to be a champion in track & field in the spring, these practices are the secret.  3 x 500 is what the Littleton girls run, it's what the Rangeview boys do in practice.  There is no secret potion, the key is doing hard work when you don't want to do hard work.

I really expect that there are more athletes there when we have another early morning practice in a few weeks.  Attendance is not mandatory for my needs, it is mandatory for your needs.

Enjoy your weekend make sure you get in an OverDistance run this weekend. See you all on Monday!


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