Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week 2 Plans

DTR in the fall, minus the snow fences
Sorry I have been out of touch recently, Beth and I caught some type of stomach bug/food poisoning and we were down for the count from late Thursday night to early Saturday morning.  Even today, Sunday, we are both trying to catch five minute power naps whenever the kids let us.  I did trek up to Devils' Thumb Ranch, but hiking all over scouting out snow fence locations for five hours almost killed me!  The only good news is neither Chloe nor Reid caught it, so we were spared that whole ordeal.  So, with each of us five pounds lighter, onto the plan for week 2!

The training schedule is up on the side, after conferring with the seniors, we are gonna keep the intensity and speed at a high level this week, but try to build in an extra rest day next way for recovery. I am flirting with the idea of two weeks hard, one week easy, but we will see how the body reacts seven days from now.

A couple of logistical issues.
One:  If you you have not paid your fees, or turned in a valid USATF number, or given me an emergency contact phone number then you cannot practice with the team.  Monday the 5th is the last day to take care of that, unless prior arrangements have beenmade.  No exceptions to that rule.  If you are not sure as to your status with the club, email me ( and I will get back to you after Chloe and Reid go to sleep tonight.

Two: Shoe night at Boulder Running Company is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday night after practice.  Hope to see lots of athletes there.  I will be asking for a rough count of kids attending Monday at practice.

Three: Cold weather running tights are available for purchase.  For only 30 bucks, you can get some sweet Gulu Gulo winter running tights.  Dark red, with a new logo on them, you pay 2/3 the cost, the club will pick up the rest, and you will have winter running gear for the rest of your life!  I will try and get a count of numbers and sizes to send to BRC on Monday, plus I will have a actual picture of what they will look like.

See you all tomorrow, ready for some hard long intervals!


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