Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Classy Quarter

While the distance kids have been training for about a month now, the sprinting side of the team has yet to begin.  However, that wait is almost over, as the target date of Nov. 26th is rapidly approaching.  That is when Coach Harris will begin the sprinting specific practices.  These practices are for any athlete who is interested int he 100, 200, hurdles, vaulting, horizontal jumping or vertical jumping.  Coach Harris will be handling sprint specific practices two days a week.  Monday and Wednesday*.  The field event coaches will be handling an additional practice one day a week, and those days are dependent upon your chosen field event.  For this season, the coaching staff has decided that all sprinters/hurdlers will do at least one field event as well.  (And vice versa, all field event athletes will do one sprinting event.)   All field event coaches want you sprinting, lifting and sprinting all winter.  That will form the base for your field event practices. This cross-over will also build depth in our program, and allow us to score more points at meets.

So, if you are presently singed up with the Gulo Gulo track club, and you fancy yourself a sprinter, show up Monday as usual, but be prepared to work with Coach Harris.  If you have not yet singed up for Gulo Gulo track, all of the details are available at the link on the right sidebar.  Make sure you have the paperwork filled out completely.  Make sure you have a valid USATF number for insurance purposes.  Make sure you have a check for 75 bucks to CHS T&F.  (We are starting a month late, shouldn't the fee be less? Nope, you are getting an extra practice once a week, so it evens itself out.)  Bring all of this to me on Monday. If you are missing any of these components, you cannot practice with the team. Any questions, of course, shoot me an email.

Hopefully with a solid summer winter of sprinting, weights, and drills, you can complete the "classy quarter".  See you all Monday!


*Wednesday could change, but Monday sprint practice is for sure.

Video and commentary courtesy of the lovely @corrinarc

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