Thursday, November 8, 2012

MId-Week Update

Gonna keep this kind of short, just quick hits from the inner sanctions of my brain.

Excellent practice on Wednesday, we ran three miles over to Sierra, we did mucho hills up Pine Lane Hill on the Sierra XC course, then we slogged back to CHS.  Some athletes did up to 14 hills!  When the hills are 400 m long, that is impressive.  A long day, getting done at 5:00, but a very good deposit in the training bank.  Would grade it an "A"

Great turn-out at spike night on Wednesday.  Last year, we had one kid, this year, over 12!  For a winter track club, that is fantastic, I am so glad that so many kids got better trainign shoes.  We are going to do a ton of training this winter, so good shoes are a must.

Easy day today, tempo kilo repeats, up to seven.  Not a hard workout, but not a super easy one.  For the first tempo repeat workout of the year, I would give it an "A" as well.

Now, we'll see how tomorrow morning goes.  450 m repeats at six in the morning, finishing up the week strong.


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