Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nike Cross Southwest

Today we had a strong contingent of boys race down in new Mexico at the Nike Cross Southwest race.  While I was not there, (I was on top of Green Mtn having a mild coronary,) there results of the boys can be accessed here.

Since I was not in New Mexico, I don't have a strong feeling of who raced well, and where the key points of the course were, but lookng at the general results, I can see two things that apply to our boys team:

Two of our close rivals, Cherry Creek and Mtn. Vista, have very strong XC squads, and they carried that strength into the XC post-season.  I have never put much stock into the XC post-season, I always start looking towards track season once Halloween passes us by.  But, the results put up by these 2 rivals make me do a double take.  A big double take.

Cherry Creek and Mtn. Vista are goo.  They are very good. Results don't lie. But, we can take these guys down in the spring, we just need to do one very simple thing.  Be as dedicated to track as we possibly can starting the Monday after Thanksgiving.  No breaks, no blowing off practice. No injuries, no excuses.  Manage your time, make track your lifestyle, make it something you live for.  Every day, run as hard as we can, and try and beat our teammates into the ground.  If we do not waver from the goal of state meet up in JeffCo, I think we can beat these guys.  We have so much firepower in so many events, we just need to make sure we work as hard as we can, every day, so we can maximize our talents.  No egos, no putting yourself above the team, just sweat, blood and guts, and we can make a huge splash in May.

Believe in it.  Y'all had a great XC season, and I am proud of you, but it is time to rest, and move on to bigger and better things.

Coach SEP.

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