Monday, November 26, 2012

Sprinters Show Up!

Mike Powell, in the middle of his record setting long jump of 29' 4.5"
As pleased as I was with the turn-out of the distance runners the past month, I was even more pleased to see all the sprinter faces today.  I was admittedly worried about how we would stack up in the sprints this year, with the graduation of so many excellent seniors, but today dispelled any reservations I might have had.

With 13 athletes (and counting) now committed to working on the sprints during the long cold winter months, we are sure to be deeper and stronger on that side than anyone could have imagined.  Coach Harris (who now has publishing privileges on this blog, so watch out!) will be working with the sprinters on Mondays and Wednesdays, and the field coaches will be able to work with you all on Thursdays.

It wasn't too long ago that this winter track program consisted of 15 distance kids, suffering through long runs in the blizzards.  We are growing by leaps and bounds, and that will translate to spring success, I'm sure!


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