Friday, December 7, 2012

Disney/Florida Update

Read the original Disney/Florida blog post here, then read below for some breaking news.

I have been online, on the phone, and on top of monitoring all flights from Denver to Orlando for that weekend.  I am adamant about flying as a group, so we can cut down on the ground transportation to and from the airport.  And the best deal I have found, that fits our training schedule the closest, costs 540 bucks round trip.  It is on SouthWest, it leaves on Friday morning, early, and gets us to Orlando right after lunch.  This would give us plenty of time to get some running in at the DisneyWorld track, pick up our registration packets from Mickey & Minnie, and check in at the hotel.  We get back to Denver around lunchtime on Sunday, with another early morning departure.  Leaving on a Thursday is not a significant price drop, and having to pay for that extra hotel night, the extra food, as well as miss an additional day of school, I do not believe it is worth it.  I was hoping to find something under $500, but with it being Florida, and March being a popular spring break month, I think this is as good as we are gonna get.

The hotel situation is significantly cheaper.  Through a great alum connection, we can get rooms at a Fairfield Inn & Suites very close to Disney.  The price of these would be about 80 bucks a room, with taxes and everything.  Four athletes of the same gender to a room, that makes each individual share 20 bucks a night, which is *super cheap*!  I am pretty excited about that one.

That makes the grand total around 560 bucks, give or take a few taxes here and there.  At the parent meeting on Monday the 17th, which will be held right after practice (5:00-ish), I will be asking for a deposit of (at least) 200 bucks. The remainder of the payment will be due on March 8th, which is the day before our first spring track meet.  That deposit, plus the capital we have in our track account already, will be enough for me to buy a block of plane tickets before the New Year.  It will also allow me to book the hotel rooms before all the spring break kids snatch them up.  If this deposit is an issue, please email me or talk to me, and we can try and figure something out.  As I am sure you all understand, there are no "coaching fees" tacked on here, we are trying to charge the bare minimum that we can in order to make this a reality.

Any questions, email me. And see you all at hill practice tomorrow!


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