Friday, December 14, 2012

Quick Post: Saturday Workout

This Saturday is On Your Own for practice. (Although I know there is a group of people meeting at the track at 11 am to execute this workout)

Short Flying Sprints
20 m zone for acceleration to top speed
40 m of all out, as fast as you can possibly go, overspend running

Walk back for rest. Do 10-12 of these.

Start these sprints from a three point stance, or mimic your block stance. Focus on exploding out of the start and getting to top speed as quickly as you can. Then, just finish the interval as fast as you can go. Make sure you do a good warm up, with sprinter form drills and stretching to get loose. Afterwards, do a lunge routine (5 each leg) for your cool down.

Even though this is on your own, make every effort to get this workout in and to complete it to the best of your abilities. Text me afterwards, let me know how it went, how you felt, how you ran, etc.

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