Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pre-Season Rankings

Check out milesplit.com for some bulletin board material!

I love Coach Versaw of The Classical Academy.  He is one of the best coaches I have had the fortune of  learning from.  His teams always compete, and compete with the best of them.  And I understand he writes these milesplit previews based purely off of cold hard numbers.  There really is no other way for him to write them, in all honesty.

So, it is with a very small grain of salt that I take some umbrage to the CHAP boys ranking of 29th, below teams such as Regis, Denver East and (tied with) Legend.  I actually take it as motivation.  Motivation to not just win some races at JeffCo stadium in May, but to crack that overall top five again for the third straight year.  Motivation to hammer that extra interval in practice, even in the dark days of winter.  Motivation to hydrate and eat right and go to bed early, knowing that this will all pay off in the late spring. Motivation to turn my running into a lifestyle, not just something I do for two hours a day.

I truly believe there is no way we are going to come in 29th in the state, just no way.  But, we still have to go out and prove it, every day, until May 19th.


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