Monday, December 31, 2012

Google Docs Indoor Meet Registration

I have been fighting with this online registration for this indoor meet for a little while now, and I think I have it figured out.  It is looking like I (the coach) will have to enter all the athletes.  No biggie, but I just gotta make sure I have all the information that we need as I need to enter you all individually into a roster.  So, I set up another google doc that you can fill out.

If you are interested in running on Saturday, please have this form filled out by WEDNESDAY AT NOON.  There are fees to run, five bucks an event, and I will need those fees from you by THURSDAY AT 9 AM PRACTICE.  It looks like I can pay for everyone with a credit card as a group, but I will still need those fees from you by Thursday.

Even if you already signed up, I don't think you are officially in, so please fill out the form below.  Just to be safe

Sorry this is so complicated, I thought it would be much much simpler, but I guess this is the way it is.  Any questions, please shoot me an email.  I will be at practice on Wednesday if you need to ask me in person.

Here is the google form.  Thanks for getting that filled out by Wednesday.  And here is a link to the meet schedule.  Rolling schedule, high schoolers start at noon.


P.S.  Hopefully this works, but if not, I might be needing more info/help from you.  Thanks in advance for your patience and tolerance.  We will get into this meet, even if we have to storm the doors!!

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