Sunday, December 2, 2012

Recovery Week

We are entering into a week of easy work.  A little tempo running tomorrow, (unless you have not completed your mile time trial), then a week of easy recovery running.  Saturday we will meet at my house in the morning to run some hill repeats in a DTC park I live near.  I will give out my home address via text message, as I am not so keen on putting it on the blog.  Next week starts up another period of hard training, so we must take advantage of this recovery week.

While running hard is very important, recovering is just as important.   Now, recovery does not mean skipping practice, or not putting any effort into your recovery.  Recovery is easy relaxed running, lots of dynamic stretching, excellent hydration, and making sure you get plenty of sleep.  All of the hard work we have done the past two weeks won't mean a thing if you don't recover well and soak it all in.  Recovery might be easier  but it is just as importnat as any other phase of training we do.  You must take it seriously and be as dedicated to it as you would be to an interval workout.

See you all Monday,

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