Saturday, December 29, 2012

Quick Post: First Week of 2013 Training

Since I am still up in the mountains skiing twice a day (rough life, I know), we will;only hold offical SEP practices on Wednesday and Thursday. These practices will be at 9 am, at the track, and will be really tough days. Hopefully y'all have been doing just some easy running all week, to recharge the batteries, and to accumulate some miles.

So, this upcoming week of workouts looks like this:
Sunday: Active Rest Day ( 20 min walk)
Monday: On Your Own Flying Sprints (12 x 20 m acc/40 m all-out, from a block stance)
Tuesday: Captains Practice Creative Run (60 m run, stopping every 10 min for calisthenics)
Wednesday: SEP Practice @ 9 am VO2 Max Intervals (4 x 4 x 400 Kenyan Style)
Thursday: SEP Practice @ 9 am Pursuit Running Drills w/Core strength
Friday: On Your Own EZ Aerobic Run
Saturday: Indoor Meet @ Boulder, sign up at
Sunday: Total Day Off

I assume the captains will contact people, either through this blogs comments section, through facebook, or through twitter, what specific time they will be holding the creative run practice on New Years Day. I must admit, my senior captains are really awesome this year, no sarcasm. They understand what it takes to reach your potential and they are always on top of things. Best group of captains I have in probably EVER!

And I will see you all Wednesday morning, have a happy and safe New Years Celebration!


P.S. Don't forget to fill out the goals form as well as send me an entry for the media guide. Very important.

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