Friday, December 14, 2012

Quick Post: Able Elite Team (AET)

Coach Able runs a team up at CU that is bases on elite training for 400/800 meter athletes. Here is what she says about it.

" the kids start actually practice at 6:30 pm but to properly warm up we want the kids to arrive at 6 pm
• practice will be held every Monday and Wednesday till Feb. 20th
• I am meeting in the parking lot at 5 pm (at Chap) every Monday/Wednesday. I will take the toll if anyone wants to follow me.
• practice is held in Balch Fieldhouse (CU campus)
• practice will start at 6:30 and end approximately 7:15
• have the kids bring water and sweats
• bring running shoes and spikes
• the workouts involved are high intensity on the indoor track
• each practice costs $5"

Now, everyone knows how I feel about Coach Able, I think she is awesome and we are super lucky to have her on our coaching staff. I think this program, while costing a little more money in field house usage and gasoline, is truly an awesome opportunity. To train solely for the 4/8 in the winter is something I cannot provide. To train in a collegiate setting is something I can not provide. To train under Coach Ables perspective is something I cannot provide.

I strongly urge all athletes who are focusing on winning those 400 and 800 races this spring to at least make the commitment one day a week to get up to Boulder to train with the AET. Carpool up, take turns driving, manage your time, so you can make it happen.


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