Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Random Track Thoughts

Just some bulletpointized ideas that I want to get out onto the Internet.  (Isn't that what Twitter is for?)

I mis-spoke in the previous Disney post.  With two nights of hotel, I estimate the overall cost to be closer to $580, not $560.  Thanks to my detail-oriented wife for catching this.

8th gradeer Noah & the tights
The running tights are in, and I think they are awesome! If you ordered a pair, bring your $30 to me so you can wear them at all the cold practices that are about to start!

Chloe and her new headband
It is looking like we will not be having a 6 am practice on Friday morning.  If the sun does not come out and start melting the snow and ice from the track, we will have to figure out alternative plans.  The decision has not been made yet, but don't be surprised is that early morning practice is cancelled.  (Yes, I know all of you are really distraught over this news.)

On St. Nicholas day, Chloe got a sweet new purple headband that she wears every day along with all of her necklaces and bracelets..  Her favorite colors are purple and pink and she like to be a princess.  She is such a girly-girl. :)

We have a Continental League coaches meeting tonight, after this meeting, the spring meet schedule will be in much clearer focus.  Coach Harris is coming along to this one, if he ever wants to be promoted to head coach, he needs this valuable experience.

Reid itching to get in the backpack
I am so happy there is significant snow in the mountains.  Cross country skiing with my family really is one of the most enjoyable activities in my life.  This year, little Reid will be on my back, I am psyched to see how much fun he has flying along through the woods!

Our first real competition of 2013 is going to be Jan. 5th, up in Boulder, at the All-Comer Indoor Meet.  Yep, it's in Boulder and it's an All-Comers meet, so it could make for a long day, but I think it is important to get some race experience in, so we can really see how the training is going.  The meet website is not up yet, but as soon as it is, I will update all of you with more details.

Monday the 17th, Parent Meeting for Florida, 5:15-ish or so, in Coach Bowman's room.  It is there will figure out who is going, and what events we can run.  If enough boys and girls go, we will certainly put together some relays, it all depends on the numbers.

I think we do a great job dressing for the weather, but here is a great blog post from a runner back East on what to wear at specific temperatures.

Next week starts up with Coach Able's "Elite" team.  These are kids who want to focus on the 400/800 in the spring, who are physically and mentally able to train with collegians, and who can get to Boulder for training twice a week.  Coach Able will be around next Monday to explain more, but I think this is a great opportunity for more experienced kids to step up their training even more!

US Women's Nordic Team
If you have not been following the exploits of the U.S. women's nordic ski team, you really need to.  What they are accomplishing is truly historic.

Remember, the theme for the next few weeks is "grind".  Even though it gets dark so early, and it's cold, and you are tired, you gotta stick to the training.  Take it one day at a time, and grind it out.  Don't give up, don't let down, keep working as hard as you have been every day.


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