Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Random Mid-Morning Thoughts

Gymnastics tonight! Be there at 7:40 to fill out paperwork, so excited to start the program.

Some of you showed up to practice with no hat, no gloves?  Uhhhh... not a good idea.  Go out and buy a hat & gloves and bring them to practice.  We are not sprinters, we have to train outside everyday.

I'm going through the Florida packs, and I am still missing a ton of stuff from people.
S.B. - Athlete Trip Guidelines Form & Student ID/Health Insurance Copies
O.P. - Student ID Copy
R.K. - Student ID Copy
T.A. - Student ID/Health Insurance Copies
N.E. - Student ID/Health Insurance Copies
Z.Y. - Notarized Health Form & Student ID/Health Insurance Copies
W.S. - Student ID/Health Insurance Copies
D.G. - Student ID/Health Insurance Copies
This will be your last reminder.  Your next reminder will be when you are not entered in League Relays in March

I am thinking we are going to play a game tomorrow at practice.  Something to mix things up. Maybe.

The second shipment of running tights are in, and if you ordered a pair, bring your $30 bucks and pick them up from me on Wednesday.  I have already paid for them, so please make sure to get your money into me and pick them up.

ONe last thing, if you are planning on purchasing new race spikes, field spikes, or training shoes from Boulder Running Company at our shoe night on March 4th, please fill out the following survey below. It is so we can make sure the shoes you need are in stock, and you don't have to wait for them.

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Sep said...

If you need a pair of lightweight, long interval "in-between" shoes, as I call them; you can use the OTHER section to write those in. Just call them "in-between shoes".