Thursday, January 24, 2013

Friday Morning Practice

Our view after the last interval

Friday morning, before school, we will be holding practice for both sprinters and distance kids.

We will be running 4 x 500 for distance kids, 4 x 300 for sprinters.  These intervals are run at top speed, all-out, as hard as you can go.  You should run so hard that you need the total recovery time to catch your breath and get your heart rate down before the next interval.

The intervals will be timed, as a tool to motivate you to run your fastest.

The first 500/300 will start at 6:10 am sharp!  If you miss it, you miss the interval.  That means you must be there earlier than 6:00 to get in a proper warm-up.

I will be at the cube between 5:30 and 5:45.

The next interval will be run at 6:25 am, than 6:40, than 6:55.  That is 15 minutes between intervals.  We are increasing the workload, but decreasing the recovery time slightly.

Bring trainers to warm-up, cool-down in, and bring fast shoes to run fast in. Also, bring clothes to keep warm in, the weather is significantly cooler at 6:00 am.

Make sure you eat a good dinner tonight, eating the morning of this workout leads to breakfast on the track.

Winter track attendance has been sporadic to say the least for some people, I expect a high turn-out Friday morning!

See some of you tonight at gymnastics, and all of you tomorrow morning, No excuses!


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