Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Twitter Ski Pic

For those of you who didn't see this gem on my twitter account, (@ColoradoSep), here it is again.

Yeah, that's me, in a cross country ski race in 1993. Maybe 94? I am pretty sure it was at Whittaker Woods in North Conway, and it was obviously a nice warm spring day. I have no idea how well I did, probably 21st in a race where top 20 was in the money, but hey, check out that mullet.  And those authentic 90's Oakley M-Blade sunglasses. I am pretty sure I still have those skis toady. I was the epitome of style back then, just like now.

Wow, after further review, this picture could really come back to haunt me.  Commence commenting, I can handle it.


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