Thursday, January 3, 2013

Getting Ready For The Indoor Meet

For a few of us, this will be the first indoor track meet we have ever participated in, so here are a few pointers to help make they day as successful as possible.

Get to Balch Fieldhouse at about 11:30.  Parking is not easy, so be prepared for that.  The 60 Hurdles is first, they will go quick.  The 60 dash is next, that might take a bit, with lots of heats.  Then the 1500 is up, so you want to make sure you get there with enough time to get settled, get warmed up, and be ready to race.  Coach Harris and I will have set up a camp somewhere (on the infield, or maybe in the balcony).   Look for us, and we will look for you.

If you signed up and paid on your own, go to the website and print out your receipt.  That will help you with registration tremendously.  If you registered though me, I have the receipt  and I will get you all registered.

Bring your race shoes, with small (1/4") spikes in them.

Wear clothes in which to warm up outside with.  There is not enough room to run around the fieldhouse to get a warm-up run in.

Pack lots of Gatorade, water and good snacks to eat in-between your races.

If you have a good book, bring it, waiting around is the norm at indoor meets.

Race in a shirt/singlet that represents either Chaparral or Gulo Gulo Track club.  If you have one of last years black Gulo Gulo shirts, wear that.  Or you can wear your Chaparral XC singlet.  Make sure it is comfortable and something you feel good about racing in though.

And most importantly, bring your racing attitude.  You paid money to race. You are going to be on a start list. There will be official timers. So, make sure you are ready to give it your best, and treat this like a real race. Pre-season or not, whenever you step on that line to race against real competition, you have to be mentally ready to give your best.


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