Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sprint Workout

Warm Up:
Our typical sprint dynamic warm-up

4 x 30 Meter:
Main focus is on strong, powerful start. Staying low and driving with power
strong arm swing with quick feet at the start. Should be a VIOLENT arm swing.

4 x 40 Meter:
Main focus still on strong start and gradually rising up towards the end of this
sprint. Also should have a strong knee drive just like our WALL DRIVES!! Should finish strong.

3 x 60 Meter:
Main focuses finishing strong with a nice high knee drive relaxing through your
shoulders. Remember hand movement should be from chin to pocket stay relaxed towards the
end of the 60 meters.

2 min between each sprint
4 min between each set of sprints

Dumbbell Jump Squats:
3 x 15 - Lower weight is preferred

Walking Lunges with Dumbbell/Med ball
3 x failure or 3 x 10 each leg.

Leg Press:
3 x 10 with lower weight
2 min rest between each set.

Finish with your choice of Abs.

Any questions, tweet me @RMH5280


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