Friday, January 18, 2013

T-shirts, Tights & Monday Practice

T-shirts are in, everyone who signed up fro Gulo Gulo track club gets one. See me at practice this upcoming week for one. They are sweet dri-fit shirts, white with fast red lettering.

Speaking of practice, distance kids will have organized practice on Monday. We will meet on the soccer fields by Parker Rec. Center on Lincoln at 4:00 sharp, so don't be late!  Bring your in-between shoes if you have a pair.  Not race flats, but not trainers, something more like a 10k shoe.

I still have some Gulo Gulo running tights. I have three smalls and three mediums. If you ordered a pair, bring me thirty bucks this week for them. If you didn't order a pair, but want to be a cool kid with Gulo Gulo running tights, bring me thirty bucks this week and you can have a pair.

Thinking of buying shoes for the upcoming spring track season? Please fill out the survey with what you think you will need for specific footwear.  Please do this over the weekend, so Pete can send in an order early next week.  If you are an odd size, if you need a specific style shoe, or you just want to make sure your shoes are there in stock, give Boulder Running Co the heads-up and I promise they will take care of it.

Last nights gymnastics session was the best session we have had in years. So many kids, all working extremely hard, all striving to become better athletes. That is what training is all about!

I was a huge Lance fan, Beth and I spent our honeymoon in France watching him race in 2005. Now, not so much of a fan. He said it himself, he is a bully, and I don't like bullies. Underhanded cheating is more tolerable than real authentic bulling.

If you are running in the AFA meet this Sunday, skip the OverDistance run. Text me as soon as your race is over with your result! I want to know how well you did, that's important to me.

Pats will win, but it will be by less that nine. No way the Pats blow out the Ravens. And I really think the Falcons will make a game of it, but ultimately the Niners will win (but by less than four points however).

See you Monday,

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