Sunday, January 13, 2013

Quick Post: Weekly Plan

This will be an easy week for us, the last real easy week for a while. I tweaked the schedule so the team would be well rested going into the season. I also tweaked the schedule because I knew that some kids were sick, I got the sense that some kids were on the verge of getting sick, and a few some kids simply just need a little break.

Since last week was essentially a "medium" week, this week will be an easy week, but not as unstructured as other easy weeks.

Please, do everything you can to rest as much as you can, get healthy, and heal up any nagging injuries that you have. Take advantage of this week to get as healthy as you can!!!

Monday: SEP Practice - Tempo Road Repeats, just what we did last week, on Stonegate Pkwy..
Tuesday: Captains Practice - EZ Aerobic Run (45 min) & Gymnastics
Wednesday: SEP Practice - Pace Changers on the Track
Thursday: Captains Practice - EZ Aerobic Run (45 min) & Gymnastics
Friday: O.Y.O.: EZ Aerobic Run (45 min)
Saturday: O.Y.O.: OverDistance Run (90+min)
Sunday: Total Day Off, get ready for a week of skullcrushing domination!

See you Monday,

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