Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Freshman/Sophomore Championships

This Thursday, up at Regis HS, at 3:00 is the Freshman-Sophomore Championships. This meet has turned into a pretty prestigious meet, with state qualification riding on the line. Whereas before it was a meet that we just filled up sparsely  now we are stacking it with kids in hopes to get them a time that would qualify them for the State meet. There is no distinction between varsity and JV, we are putting our best freshman and sophomores out there to get them race experience.
It really is a lovely run.
CHS T&F FR/SP Line-Ups

The FR/SP meet starts at 3:00, rolling schedule. No bus home, so make sure you have aride home from Regis. (Although the Cherry Creek Trail is nearby, so you can always run home. It's not that bad of a jog, I think I have done it once or twice in my younger years.)

The bus leaves CHS at 1:30. This is a little earlier than we would like, but we have no choice. I strongly recommend athletes to bring some school work to do while we wait for the meet to begin. I know I will be plowing through some grading while I sit there.


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Add Jack Maroney into the 4x100 for Chandler Davis

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