Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Loveland (R2-J) Invite Line-Ups

This is going to be a really fun meet.  Look at all of the exceptional athletes we are bringing up there. I am really excited for this meet. Not sure whether it is going to be Friday or Saturday just yet, so keep your calendars open. AS soon as I find out, I will let everyone know when we are heading up to Loveland HS. We cannot have anyone cancel out on us from this point forward. If you cannot go, that probably screws up a relay as well as an open event. You must be the best teammate you can be, you must show up and race as hard as you can this weekend.

We will not be having a bus back, it is too expensive. You must arrange for a ride home with one of your friends parents. If this is an issue for you, you must speak to a coach about it immediately and they will help you out with the situation. While you do not have to stay for the entire meet, we encourage you to, to help cheer your teammates on.

Your race day diet is super important as well. You should be bringing a cooler filled with healthy easily digestible food (and plenty of water) with you to this meet. We have some kids competing in four events, spread out all day long. You must eat well and stay hydrated throughout the day.  For more tips on eating, click back to the post I wrote about a year ago on it.

Congratulations to everyone on this list, I am so proud to be bringing such a strong and deep team up to this meet. We won the boys title last year, let's try and do it again on both sides this time!


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Judy Anderson said...

Just saw Matt Norton's new discussion, re: R2-J Invite. You probably already have his e-mail. Bummer for this weekend.