Monday, April 1, 2013

ThunderRidge Elite Meet & JV Line-Ups

Friday's destination - remember,  no bus back!

The initial varsity line-ups have been set and are listed below. According to, the athletes listed below have all met the qualifying standard in the open events with marks from 2013 and will be racing these events Friday afternoon.

Sprint Medley - Corrina Carney, Jenna Lanskey, Olivia Perry, Katrina Bacovin
4x800G R - Jill Hanrahan, Mackenzie Hirsch, Ashley Lundell, Jessie Chappa
100H - Jenna Lanskey
110H - Dane Goldwasser
100G - Olivia Perry
100B - Javon Spencer, Alek McArthur
1600G - Whitney Schultz
1600B - Dom Compoz, James Kadolph, Travis Anderson, Bryce Rich, Kaleb Roosa
400G - Hanna Barringer
400B - Ryan Kwiatkowski
300G - Jenna Lanskey
300 B - Dane Goldwasser
800G - Ciara DePinto, Ashley Lundell, Jessie Chappa
800B - Johnny Bacocvin, Devin Reasoner, Zach Young
200G - Olivia Perry, Katrina Bacovin
200B - Javon Spenver, Alek McArthur
3200B - Matt Kade
4x400G - Jill Hanrahan, Hanna Barringer, Whitney Schultz, Jessie Chappa
4x400B - Dane Goldwasser, Johnny Bacocvin, Ryan Kwiatkowski, Alek McArthur
TJ G - Jenna Lanskey
HJ G - Olivia Perry, Jess Nazarenus, Katrina Bacovin
SP G - Jenny Calascionne
DC G - Jenny Calascionne
SP B - Isaac Hernandez
(All relays are coaches discretion, as usual)

The meet director has softened his stance from last week just a bit. We have a mega five team JV meet on Wednesday. If any athlete runs, jumps, or throws a mark that is better than the published qualifying standards at that JV meet, then I will enter that athlete into the varsity meet as soon as I get home. I will personally be at the finishing line verifying all CHS times, and we will have qualified coaches at all field events getting everyones marks from the field. I will not be assigning events as a head coach, you may choose which events you want to participate in on Wednesday, but your individual discipline coach reserves the right to assign you into events as well. Bottom line is, you make the standard on Wednesday in the JV meet, you compete on Friday in the varsity meet. I strongly suggest that any athletes who are only competing in relays compete in this Wednesday JV meet as well, so we can get times that might get you into subsequent meets.  An open time at a JV race carries more weight than a relay time in a varsity meet with many meet directors.

Again, the above line-ups are not final. They are entered, and those athletes are competing  But, if additional kids make the standard on Wednesday, they will be given the chance to compete on Friday as well. I believe track and field is the fairest sport out there, and this is the fairest way of doing things, so I am grateful we have a chance to reach those qualifing marks.


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