Monday, April 22, 2013

Competition Pictures

We have so many awesome people that take pictures at our meets. I want to give some of them a shout out on the blog.

Kevin Keyser came and took a ton of pictures at our meet Saturday. Go to his website to check them out. I hear there is a good one of Chloe and Reid somewhere. Future track stars I hope.

Mrs. Young (Zach's mom) is at every meet taking lots of pictures as well. She has a link on the side, so you can go to her shutterfly site and check those out as well.

Finally, Mrs. Jenkins (Evan's mom) has been at all the JV meet taking tons of great shots. I have posted a few of them below, but I have tons more on CD's at home. You can email me or email Mrs. Jenkins and we can hook you up with them.

I am so grateful that we have all of this support at our meets, it is fantastic, and thanks go out to everyone who supports us.


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