Thursday, April 11, 2013

Varsity Entries

I apologize for being late with these, but here are some more details for the two meets this weekend.

If you do not know if you are competing this weekend, than you need to CONTACT YOUR INDIVIDUAL DISCIPLINE COACH. I do not know every competitor in every event and what time they start. I know who is competing ont he distance side, but other than that, all questions should be directed to your discipline coach.

The Twilight meet on Friday starts at 3:30. It is a rolling schedule that traditionally falls behind.There are a few people who are competing in the earlier events, (boys triple, boys disc, girls shot, girls sprint med) that should check with Bowman about early dismissal. It might be a case of everyone being officially dismissed at 1:45, but only the athletes who need to be there early should take advantage of that. Everyone else should leave right after school and go directly to the stadium. All JV athletes and Mullen only athletes will be having practice with me right after school.

Mullen is a little different.   You need to be at Mullen at least 75 minutes before your first event is scheduled to go off.  I will be seeing the 4 x 800 kids bright and early. :) Below is the official Mullen schedule.

Event#           Time             Event Name                      Event #     Time        Event Name
1                   8:00am     girls Long Jump                         60         12:55pm     boys 100m
2                   8:00am     girls long Jump                          61           1:00pm     boys 100m
3                   8:00am     girls 4x800 relay                        62           1:05pm     boys 100m
4                   8:15am     girls 4x800 relay invite             63           1:10pm     boys 100m
5                   8:30am     boys 4x800 relay                       64           1:15pm  boys 100 inv.
6                   8:45am     boys 4x800 relay invite            65           1:20pm   girls 300H
7                   9:00am     girls discus                                  66           1:25pm   girls 300H
8                   9:00am     girls high jump                           67           1:30pm   girls 300H
9                   9:00am     boys pole vault                          68           1:35pm  girl 300h inv.
10                 9:00am     boys shot put                             69           1:40pm  boys 300H
11                 9:00am     girls 4x100 relay                        70            1:45pm  boys 300H
12                 9:05am     girls 4x100 relay                        71           1:50pm  boys 300H
13                 9:10am     girls 4x100 relay                        72           1:55pm boy 300h inv.
14                 9:15am     girls 4x100 relay                        73          2:00pm   boys discus
15                 9:20am     girls 4x100 relay invite             74          2:00pm  girls shot put
16                 9:25am     boys 4x100 relay                       75          2:00pm girl sprint R.
17                 9:30am     boys 4x100 relay                       76          2:05pm girl sprint R.
18                 9:35am     boys 4x100 relay                       77          2:10pm girl sprint R.
19                 9:40am     boys 4x100 relay                       78          2:15pm girl sprint R.
20                 9:45am     boys 4x100 relay invite            79         2:20pm girl sprint R.Iv.
Event#            Time             Event Name                     Event#   Time      Event Name
21                  9:50am      girls 1600m                            80       2:25pm  boys 4x200 R.
22                  10:00am    girls 1600m                            81      2:30pm  boys 4x200 R.
23                  10:10am    girls 1600m Invite                 82      2:35pm  boys 4x200 R.
24                  10:10am    boys long jump                      83     2:40pm  boys 4x200 R.
25                  10:10am    boys long jump                      84     2:45pm boy 4x200 R.Inv.
26                  10:20am    boys 1600m                            85    2:50pm  girls 4x200 R.
27                  10:30am    boys 1600m                            86    2:55pm  girls 4x200 R.
28                  10:40am    boys 1600m Invite                 87    3:00pm  girls 4x200 R.
29                  10:45am    boys shot put                         88     3:00pm  boys triple jump
30                  10:45am    girls discus                              89     3:00pm  boys triple jump
31                  10:50am   girls 100mH                             90     3:05pm  girls 4x200 R.
32                  10:55am   girls 100mH                              91    3:10pm girl 4x200 R. Inv.
33                  11:00am   girls 100mH                              92     3:15pm girls 800m
34                  11:05am   girls 100mH                              93     3:20pm  girls 800m
35                  11:10am   girls 100mH invite                   94     3:25pm  girls 800m Inv.
36                  11:20am   boys 110mH                             95     3:30pm  boys 800m
37                  11:25am   boys 110mH                             96     3:35pm  boys 800m
38                  11:30am   boys 110mH                             97     3:40pm  boys 800m Inv.
39                  11:35am   boys 110mH
40                   11:40am  boys 110mH invite                 99      3:50pm  girls 200m
41                   11:45am  girls 400m                                100    3:55pm  girls 200m                                    
42               11:50am    girls 400m                                  101     4:00pm   girls 200m
43               11:55am    girls 400m                                  102      4:05pm  girls 200m Inv.
44                Noon         girls 400m invite                       103      4:10pm  boys 200m
45               12:05pm   boys 400m                                  104      4:15pm  boys 200m
46               12:10pm   boys 400m                                  105      4:20pm  boys 200m
47               12:15pm   boys 400m                                  106      4:25pm  boys 200m Inv.
48               12:15pm  boys high jump                           107      4:30pm girls 3200m Inv.
49               12:15pm   girls discus                                  108      4:45pm boys 3200m Inv
50               12:15pm   girls shot put                               109      5:00pm girls 4x400 R.
51               12:15pm  girls triple jump                           110      5:05pm  girls 4x400 R.
52                12:15pm  girls triple jump                          111      5:10pm  girls 4x400 R.
53                12:20pm  boys 400m invite                        112      5:15pm  girls 4x400 R.
54                12:30pm  girls 100m                                     113     5:20pm girl 4x400 R. Iv
55                12:35pm  girls 100m                                     114     5:25pm  boys 4x400 R.
56                12:40pm  girls 100m                                     115     5:30pm  boys 4x400 R.
57                12:45pm  girls 100m                                     116     5:35pm  boys 4x400 R.
58                12:50pm  girls pole vault                              117    5:40pm  boys 4x400 R.
59                12:50pm  girls 100m Invite                           118   5:45pm boys 4x400 R.Iv

If you are not sure what exact heat you are in, you can go to and click on the Mullen heat sheets. They are too big to be uploaded here on my site. Just match up what "event" you are in to the published time schedule and you are good to go. Get in touch with your discipline coach if you have any questions.

Sorry for the late notice, I hope the clears a lot of things up.


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