Friday, April 26, 2013

JV Championship Results

Wow. That meet was one we will not soon forget. Everyone who was there knows what I am talking about. But, even though that was the slowest run meet I have been to in a long time, the weather held up remarkably well, and we had 36 (thirty-six!) new season bests on the distance side! That is unheard of, everyone was running so fat, faster than they had ever done before, and I am so proud of all of them.

Here they are, in no particular order.

Landon (55.7), Darin (60.7), Austin (62.1), Britney (69.7), Gavin (59.0), Patrick (65.1), and Mark (60.8) all got new best times in the 400.

Gavin (2:15.4), James (2:26.3), Chelsey (2:57.5), Emily (3:27.9), Kelly (3:28.5), Ellen (2:43.7), Cory (2:35.8), Spencer (2:40.3), Art (2:45.6), Johnny (2:52.5), Zack (2:57.1) and Darin (2:24.4) all got new best times in the 800.

Emily (7:16.1), Kelly (7:21.0), Taylor (6:27.7), Ashley (6:21.9), Ellen (6:15.2), Kat (6:19.1, Mariah (6:12.1), Landon (5:02.5), Austin (5:03.9), Cory (5:32.4), Spencer (5:38.4), Alex (5:23.2), Zack (6:27.6) Art (5:57.9) and Johnny (6:03.3) all had new best times in the 1600.

Finally, Jack (12:02.7) and James (11:55.9) had new best times in the 3200.

While the meet was not scored for teams, I am very confident that we came out on top. It was a great day for running fast, and I am very proud of everyone. Excellent work, ladies and gentlemen.


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