Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pueblo Twilight Information

The entries for the Pueblo Twilight meet are now posted over on www.milesplit.com, and from first glance, it looks like we qualified everyone we entered.

Pueblo Twilight Acceptance Lists

Here is the entry sheet that I submitted, like I said, at first glance, it looks like we got everyone in.  I will look more closely later today, but I am very proud we are representing so well at this meet.  So are the other coaches, just got this email from Coach Lib:

I was just looking at the accepted Pueblo entries and I am pretty fired up for this one, I think we will represent pretty well. Looks like a good meet. Coach Lib

2013 Pueble Twilight CHS Line-Ups

The bus will be leaving from the school at 10:15 or so. It is about a 100 mile drive, and takes about 90 minutes or so. We are competing at the newly revamped CSU Pueblo ThunderBowl Stadium, which is going to be awesome. The weather looks to be pretty conducive to some good performances, looking like a high in the upper 60's and low winds (knock on wood). This is an all day event for the athletes, so everyone must have at least two bottles of water, plenty of snacks, a good healthy lunch, and probably some extra cash as well.

There is no bus back form Pueblo, as most of the athletes going informed us that they could get rides back to Parker that night. If you are entered into this meet, and you are unsure of how you are getting home, you must tell Coach Bowman or I immediately.  We can get you home, but the sooner we know the better. We do not want this to be a deterrent to you attending the meet.

This is a meet I have been looking forward to all year. We are resting up this week, in hopes that we can really lay down some fast times. Next week is League Champs, so I think this meet will show us where we really stand. Let's start thinking positively about our running, and go into this meet on a big fast wave!


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